Unit 7 Would you like a pie? (Story time)教学设计

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Unit 7 Would you like a pie? (Story time)教学设计  


本单元story time课文用了三个场景呈现了朋友间如何分享食物的情景,场景一Mike将海伦介绍给朋友们认识,场景二和三中杨玲和苏海分别拿出自己的食物与海伦分享,本课围绕食物名称及分享食物的句子展开。  


1) 能听懂、会说、会拼读、会写单词a cake.  

2) 能听懂、会说、会拼读单词a pie, a sweet.  

3) 能初步听懂、会说并且会读Would you like…?/What about…?以及应答语Yes, please.No , thank you.  

4) 明白如何正确合理地运用句型Would you like…?/What about…?,来征询别人的意见。  


5) 学生会读、会表演故事,并能根据给出的情景编新故事。  

6) 学生能够在学习中模仿课文录音语音语调,并在学习的过程中学会与他人合作。  



1)能听懂、会说、会拼读、会写单词a cake.  

2)能听懂、会说、会拼读单词a pie,a sweet.  

3)能初步听懂、会说并且会读Would you like…?/What about…?以及应答语Yes, please.No , thank you.  

4)明白如何正确合理地运用句型Would you like…?/What about…?,来征询别人的意见。  



1)教具准备:人物头像 、ppt、糖果若干  


3)板书准备:Unit7 Would you like a pie ?  


Step1 warm up  

1. Enjoy a rhyme: For you and me  

2. Greetings  

Step2 lead-in  

T: Look, this is a sweet. What colour is it?  

S1: It’s red…  

T: Would you like a sweet?  

S1: Yes, please.  

Ask three studnts  

1. Play a game  

If you see the pictures, words or sentences, say it loudly, if you see the bomb, please say bomb.(最后定格在pie, 揭题)  

【设计意图】在Free talk与游戏中与学生用英语简单交流帮助复习旧知,并让同学进入英语学习状态,同时引入标题Would you like a pie?  

Step3 story time  

1.      look and choose  

T: Look, there are some students on a blanket. What are they doing?  

(A:They are having a picnic. B:They are having classes)  

Ss: A  

2.      watch and answer  

T: Mike comes with a new friend. Who is the new friend?  

S1: Helen  

3.      think and guess  

T: How does Mike introduce Helen?  

S1 She is Helen.  

S2 She is my sister Helen.  


T: Let’s listen:   

S1: This is my sister, Helen.  

S2: This is my sister, Helen.  

Ss read together  

T: If you are Yang Ling, Su Hai, Liu Tao and Wang Bing, how to greet with Helen?  



T: Let’s listen: Nice to meet you, Helen.  

(教学生读Nice to meet you )  

Let’s greet with Helen.  


【设计意图】由前面学习的打招呼用语引入本课新句型Nice to meet you,学习并熟练使用。  

T: How does Helen answer?  



T: Let’s listen: Hi.  

Ss read P1 together  

Ss act P1  

Invite 2 students to be Mike and Helen, Group 1 is Yang Ling. Group 2 is Liu Tao. Group 3 is Wang Bing. Group 4 is Su Hai.  

4. Try to learn  

T:Now,look,they have so much food, whats this?  

Ss: Its a hot dog. This is a hot dog  


同样的方法教授cake, pie, sweet, egg, ice cream  

T:Now,I have a magic mirror, it will tell us which word has a, which word has an, and first ,you need to tell me.  

Ss: a cake,an egg,a hot dog,an ice cream ,a sweet ,a pie  


【设计意图】用魔镜的形象让学生看到不同名词前用a 或者 an,形象富有趣味性。  

5. watch and choose  

T: What does Su Hai share? What does Yang Ling share?  

Teach pie, cake.  

6. look and say  

T: What does Su Hai share? How do you know that?  

S1:Pie. Would you like a pie?  

T: Watch the picture carefully, does Helen want the pie?  

Ss: No  

T: What will Helen say?  

S1: No, thank you.  




Work in pairs  

7. Read and guess  

T: What will Yang Ling say?  

S1: Would you like a cake?  

S2: What about a cake?  

T: What would Helen answer?  

S1: Yes, please.  


Work in pairs  

8. Read and imitate P2 and P3  

T: What would Helen like?  

S1: A cake  

Work in three to act P2 and P3  

Step 4 consolidation  

1.listen and repeat  

2. read together  

3. let’s dub  

4. Act in four(all the students are Wang Bing and Liu Tao)  

5. work in pairs to share food  

Step 5 summary  

Enjoy a video.  

T:We can share many things with our friends. Remember sharing brings happiness.   


Step 6. homework  

1.Listen and read the story time of Unit 7.(听录音,跟读,注意模仿哦)  

2 Copy the new words 4 times.  

3 Go on sharing your things with your family and friends.   



Unit 7 Would you like a pie?   



This is my sister, Helen.      

                                Nice to meet you, Helen.  


    Would you like a pie?  

                                No, thank you.  

    What about a cake?  

                                Yes, please.  
















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